If you had the power to speak directly to all the billions of people on the planet, but you could only tell them only one thing, what would it be? What if that one thing could only be an opportunity to share something about science, what would you want to teach?

Would it be something cosmic, or more terrestrial? Would it be about climate change? Evolution? Cosmology? Would it be about past cultures, or the nature of relationships, or how chemical bonds form? Would it be macroscopic or microscopic?

Would it be something about how science works, or how it’s useful in everyday lives? Would it be about evidence and inference?

One fact, one opportunity. Make it count.

There must be something in you that you wish everybody could know. Some way that you see the world that enriches your vision - it adds color to an otherwise greyscale view - that you would love to share. You know that if everybody shared that same precious knowledge, it would make the world just a little bit better.

We don’t usually get the opportunity to speak to 7-billion-plus people at once. But we can speak to one person. A friend, a neighbor, a fellow passenger. We can speak to a hundred people in a day. We can reach a few thousand on social media. Kids, their parents, their grandparents. You can tell one person and they can tell another.

The only barriers to science communication are the ones we put there ourselves, and you have something you wish everyone could know.

Well, what are you waiting for?