A story told through science, dance, and film
captured live for National Distribution
Coming June 2017 to PBS Member stations 

Now available: purchase the gorgeous photo book featuring stills from the film with narrative accompaniment as an iBookebook, pdf, or paperback.

The life stories of the stars above, as told through the beauty, grace, and power of contemporary dance! Song of the Stars features performances by Seven Dance Company under the artistic direction of Cassia Cramer, woven together with a narration by astrophysicist Paul Sutter. In this original fusion of science and dance, you will travel through the vast cosmos, witnessing the first stars sparking a revolution from total darkness, the fatal love of two galaxies, a cataclysmic death that brings hope to a new generation, and so much more.

Our Kickstarter campaign has successfully gathered support for the shooting and editing of the live premiere by Over the Sun Productions, with intent to distribute a professionally produced film to a variety of channels, including national broadcasters.

Individual pieces will also be filmed using specialized 360-degree cameras by Infinite Impact Studios, creating a unique and groundbreaking immersive virtual reality experience. With this footage a planetarium film will be produced by  for distribution to thousands of planetariums worldwide, reaching a potential audience of millions.

Production is led by Active Galaxy Productions, a company specializing in bringing science education to new audiences, with artistic direction by Seven Dance Company, a 501(3)(c) nonprofit dedicated to tying local communities together through world-class dancing. The performance premiered on April 21st, 2016 at the Capitol Theater in Columbus, followed by performances at select schools.

As a part of this production we are also preparing educational supplements, including classroom science guides and student residencies at Seven Dance Company. 


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Photo Book

Original Soundtrack


We Are The Song


Cassia Cramer - Artistic Director, Lead Choreographer, Associate Producer

Brandon Barker - Dancer, Choreographer
Matt Bowman - Dancer
Melissa Brenner - Dancer, Choreographer
Chelsea Cherie - Dancer, Choreographer
Amber Cherup - Dancer
Caitlin Dennis - Dancer
Brooke Elliott - Dancer
Rachel Fatica - Dancer
Joyelle Fobbs - Choreographer
Rachel Gogolin - Choreographer
Caiti Huckaby - Dancer
Abigail Slone - Dancer
Renee Smith - Choreographer
Emily Whitacre - Dancer


Paul Sutter, Ph. D. - Creator, Executive Producer, Writer, Narrator

Andy Baker - Asst. Lighting Designer
John Beacom, Ph.D. - Educational Consultant
Leo Buono - Director of Photography
Mike Cairns - Virtual Reality Film Producer
Leonardo Carrizo - Still Photographer
Joe Chilcott - Camera Operator, Audio Engineer
Colleen Cooley - Camera Operator
Sheree Greco - Production Manager
Hayden Hinchman - Still Photographer
Ty Owen - Planetarium Film Editor
Kai Staats - Graphic Designer, Lead Film Producer
Mandi Sutter - Creative Consultant
Mary Tarantino - Lighting Designer

Sponsors & Partners

COSI Science Center
Ohio University-Lancaster
Ken & Judy Pierce
Jane & Ron Hess
Mermaid Travel
Kevin & Donna Creamer

The Ohio State University
Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics
Department of Theatre
The STEAM Factory
Department of Astronomy
School of Communication


Special thanks to all our Kickstarter backers who made the film possible
Eric Suchyta  Jeff Scargle  John Umland  David Keyes  Klaus Honscheid  Adrian Liu  Jeff Grabmeier  Sharon Fischtrom  Andreas Berlind  Josh D  Morgan Rehnberg  Linda Staats  Andrea Albert  Ramin Skibba  Scott Suchyta  Sathya Gopalakrishnan  Matt Reuter  Robert F. Wing  MQQ  Namir Kassim  Rex Grady  Caleb Cramer  Becky Hinchman  Laurie Cramer  A Little Of Bake Shop  Thomas Padden  Robert Echols  dan holz  Charlene Brenner  Paul Martini  Ryan Eslinger  Frank E. Tippin  David Parkinson  Steven Pavelka  K. Stark  Patrick Haney  Suzy Gurton  Alice  David Weinberg  Helge Bjørkhaug  Matt Woods  Fraser Cain  Harry  Herbert Weinhandl  Howard Maculsay  Glen Kizer  Stephan Frank  George Greene  jesse  OSU Astronomy  Rob Wilson  Erik Sjoberg  Rachel Rossi  Brian Brunswick  Tak Tang  Luc Hale  Joe & Patty Dennis  Jeremy Nowack  Clifford B. Edwards  Alan McClintock  OSU CCAPP  Chris Hurtubise  Robert Perry  Debbie & Eric Roush  Joel R Primack  Emilynn Collins  Melissa Horning  Joe E. Heimlich  Monica Chilcott  MimiW  Alan Perkins  Seb PhiloPi  William Sharp  Eric Damon Walters  Samantha Frost  Brooke Houdeshell  Gene Kruse  Joseph Lazio  Edwin  Erin Krozek  Ornithopterx  Scott Thrift  Samuel Asher Kunzman  Pierre-Henri Traboulsi  Esther Sanchez Castillo  Amy Barnes  John and Janet Bock  Colleen Cooley  Chad Gibson  Manoj Srinivasan  Joe Chilcott  Steven Rieder  james madsen  Bradley Peterson  Candice Maddox  Eddie Pauline  Josh Chamot  Chantal  David Spurlock  Nancy J. Graziano  Anshu Dubey  Greg Frank  Teddy Chao  Sally McClaskey  Cosmosquark  Don and Julie  John & Jenna Beacom  Suse  Maria LoCastro  Katherine Stafford Butler  Zarija



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