How is a galaxy billions of light-years away connected to us? Is our home nothing more than a tiny speck of blue in an ocean of night? In this exciting tour of a universe far larger than we can imagine, astrophysicist Paul M. Sutter emphasizes how amazing it is that we are part of such a huge, complex, and mysterious place—and he explores how our experience here on Earth fits into that grand context.

Through metaphors and uncomplicated language, Sutter breathes life into the science of astrophysics, unveiling how particles, forces, and fields interplay to create the greatest of cosmic dramas. With his characteristic breezy, conversational style—which has made him a breakout hit on venues such as the Weather Channel, the Science Channel, and his own popular Ask a Spaceman! podcast—the author conveys the fun and wonder of delving deeply into the physical processes of the natural universe. He weaves together the past and future histories of our universe with grounded descriptions of essential modern-day physics as well as speculations based on the latest research in cosmology.

Topics include our place in the Milky Way galaxy; the cosmic web, a vast weblike pattern in which galaxies are arranged; the origins of our universe in the big bang; the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy; how science has dramatically changed our relationship to the cosmos; conjectures about the future of reality as we know it; and more.

For anyone who has ever stared at the starry night sky and wondered how we humans on Earth fit into the big picture, this book is an essential road map.

Sutter’s brisk, often humorous writing and gift for clear explanations make this the perfect choice for readers looking to understand the universe on scales both human and cosmic.
— Publisher's Weekly

About the Author

For those who want to know how the universe works, Paul Sutter is a new, fresh voice in science communication. An astrophysicist, writer, speaker, producer, and on-air host everywhere from podcasts to TV, Paul strives to bring science to new audiences. By breaking down formidable concepts, emphasizing the human and artistic aspects of the scientific process, and making science accessible with his characteristic conversational, humorous approach, Paul is the one and only Agent to the Stars.

The excellence of this book is apparent even from here.
— Edwin Hubble
Enlightening. Ended too soon. An explosive read!
— Supernova 1987A
An absolute flood of information, providing knowledge and guidance throughout the universe!
— Cosmic Microwave Background
The elegant proportions of this volume speak to the divine mysteries revealed in its pages.
— Johannes Kepler
I thought we were best friends, and all I get is a footnote!?
— James Clerk Maxwell
No comment.
— Dark Matter

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